Culture in Diplomacy, Diplomacy in Culture and Society

The event series "Culture in Diplomacy, Diplomacy in Culture and Society" brings together and intertwines the perspectives of a broad range of actors (scholars, diplomats, artists, politicians, activists, etc.) and students interested in discussing the relations between culture and diplomacy within an enlarged framework.

Thematically, the series shall showcase different perspectives on topics such as:

  • The role played by culture in international institutional or semi-institutional settings (e.g. media, arts, international economy, science, etc.);
  • Forms of diplomacy that take place in a variety of fields at the intersection or even outside of institutional settings (e.g. more or less self-proclaimed "cultural ambassadors", fashion, sports, advertising);
  • The interrelations between different fields in which international relations are negotiated, also in terms of historical trajectories;
  • A critical evaluation of the potentials and risks of current developments;
  • Future perspectives on various forms of cultural diplomacy vs. "culture wars" broadly understood (e.g. cultural boycott).

All in all, the event series opens up a restricted understanding of culture and diplomacy which conceives of them as subfields of society and politics. It aims to raise awareness for the significance of the role played by culture and diplomacy in negotiating inter- and transnational relations.


Events organised to date

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