Polemics Rec. is the official podcast of Polemics Magazine. As a student-run production, the podcast will feature the voices, creative contributions, and editorial input of the diverse student body at the Diplomatische Akademie Wien.

The podcast will take advantage of the vibrant international community here in Vienna by interviewing diplomats, policymakers, academics, and cultural figures. We know that, as time goes on, this podcast will become an integral part of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien and a voice to the vast network of global professionals.

Learn more about the project and get to know the Polemics Rec. team here.

Podcast Episode 4: The Future of International Affairs

Episode 4 (June 2023)

The Future of International Affairs:
Digital Diplomacy

What does it take to take diplomacy to the next level? And who represents our countries in the digital world? All questions answered with Oxford’s digital diplomacy pioneer, Dr. Corneliu Bjola. Tune in and learn more about the new trust system, virtual tools and organizations, hybrid experience, digital embassies as well as the new MSc program at the DA.

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Podcast Episode 3: SDGs: The reality of global sustainable development with Martin Sajdik

Episode 3 (may 2023)

SDGs: The Reality of Global Sustainable Development with Martin Sajdik

For our third episode, we invited Ambassador Martin Sajdik to discuss his role in the drafting of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and his perspectives on global development in the context of current events. During our conversation, we discussed a variety of topics relating to the past, present and future of international cooperation and diplomacy.

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Podcast Episode 1: War Without End: One Year Since Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Episode 1 (February 2023)

War Without End: One Year Since Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

In this episode, we sat down with Professor Gerhard Mangott to discuss the one-year anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine. During our conversation, we discussed a variety of topics relating to the broader geopolitical implications of the war, the prospects for a peaceful solution and the likely future scenarios of the conflict.

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Podcast Episode 2: The Role of Women in Global Crises

Episode 2 (APRIL 2023)

International Women's Day event:
The Role of Women in Global Crises

Commemorating the women's history month, we bring you a live-recorded discussion panel that took place at the DA and was hosted by the Rotary Club Vienna Maria Theresia and club.da. The high-level speakers provide insights in women's roles in key areas like agriculture, energy, sustainable development, health and international relations.

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