DA Student Ambassadors

The DA's Student Ambassadors are currently enrolled in one of the Vienna School of International Studies' academic programmes and, in addition, working as assistants in one of the DA's academic or administrative departments respectively.

Feel free to contact our Student Ambassadors at student-ambassadors@da-vienna.ac.at in case you have any questions about our academic programmes and/or life in Vienna and at the DA.

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Charlotte Ehlers

"My name is Charlotte Ehlers, and I am a current MAIS student and a Student Ambassador at the DA. On campus, I work as the assistant of the Development Department, helping potential students, current students, and alumni connect through the DA. I participate in several societies, such as SAGE, Sport Society, and DA Environmental Society. Off campus, I enjoy playing rugby with the Celtic Blues, one of Vienna's oldest rugby clubs. I look forward to talking to all people interested in learning more about the DA!"

Emmanuel Fosu

"A motivated sports leader with exceptional leadership and organizational skills. I am passionate about organizing sport activities at the DA to foster sustainable training habits and promote healthy lifestyles. Also, a self-motivated and outgoing Library Assistant who is capable of working independently in a library setting. Excellent team player capable of handling all routine library services as well as administrative duties."

Colin Hendrickx

"I am Colin Hendrickx from Belgium. Previously, I have worked at the AfricaMuseum in Belgium, and the UN World Tourism Organization in Spain. I have master’s degrees in history and international history from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and The Graduate Institute (Switzerland), and  started my PhD project in Interdisciplinary International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy in 2018. My research focuses on Central African politics, African political history since 1960, and political agency. I am at the final stage of my PhD project.

As a research assistant to my supervisor, Markus Kornprobst, I support him in his research activities such as his projects on Diplomatic Peace and Peaceful Change. Furthermore, as a teaching assistant, I evaluate papers of students and exams on diplomacy and theories of international relations. I have also been active within the student community since 2018, for instance as a drummer in the DA band, a project from the DA music society."

Julia Anna Höftberger

"Besides being a student of the MAIS programme, I support the Economics Department of the Academy in my role as a Teaching and Research Assistant by contributing to the research and writing of academic articles, as well as the preparation of examination materials. In parallel, I assist the delegation of the Greek Embassy in international conferences, which provides me with valuable insight into multilateral diplomacy and current debates at the international level. In addition, I have experience in journalism and was also active in the field of open source intelligence, dealing with regional risk assessment, which gave me the impulse to also explore intelligence operations in the context of my Master's thesis.

My previous work and study experiences have taken me from Austria to Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Mexico, broadened my horizons, helped me gain fluency in four languages as well as a strong intercultural sensitivity. It is a pleasure for me to study, work and grow at the DA in such a multicultural environment and I wish to share my wealth of experience to empower current and future DA students on their personal and academic paths."